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Lofterødbukta Kennel was established by my parents when they was planning to breed on their Bernese Mountaindog, there were no puppies there, but when I was planning to breed on Lotte my mother went out of the kennel and I went in. My father was still the main owner of the kennel with me as a co- owner. Now he also has went out, and I'm the main owner of the kennel name.


We are: my husband Trond Erik, our two boys, Ole Tobias born february ’05 and Åge Leander born march ’07 and my self, Line.


I have had dogs as a hobby sice 1984 when my parents got theire first dog, when we 3,5 years later got a second dog, Tanja, she was ”mine”. We trained obedience and agility, and did actually well in some small local competitions. I was around 12-13 years at that time. Tanja was getting older and I was a ”big” teenager and moved away from home.

After some years without dog, I was missing it too much and got a 5 years old weimaraner bitch. From her I learn alot and she gave me really the taste of the doglife.


I’m educated as a Level 1 instructur by the Norwegian Kennel Klub, and teatch in my local dogclub.

I’m very interested in dogs and wolfs language and behavior and try too learn as much as I can about that.


I have participate in several seminars arranged by NKK or co-operated clubs, such as genetic, breeding, behavior, cynologi and language.

Feel free to contact us on mail 
phone 00 47 93 43 72 00 

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26.11 | 13:34

Takk for svar Line. Da prøver jeg det 😊

26.11 | 08:12

Hei. Jeg brenner glasur på 1020 grader med 10 min holdetid :)

26.11 | 03:05

Hvilken temperatur brenner jeg glasur på hobbykeramikk? Det er over 10 år siden jeg holdt på med dette. Takk for svar 😊

29.02 | 17:28

Ja, han ble solgt i august, jeg oppdaterte det bare på forsiden.

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